AmeriCorps Seniors

The Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) was created by Congress in 1965 to ensure that the skills and knowledge of people over 55 could be shared with community members of all ages. The Clallam and Jefferson County RSVP program has served our community since 1972, when the program was adopted by the Olympic Community Action Programs (OlyCAP). This program is now known as AmeriCorps Seniors an OlyCAP RSVP program.

In 2013, new mandates from CNCS (now known as AmeriCorps) provide guidelines for focusing volunteer hours in the following areas: healthy futures (food distribution and preventing social isolation), academic success, economic opportunity, veterans and families, disaster services, and environmental stewardship.

Locally, this AmeriCorps Seniors program engages 300 volunteers. Our volunteers support local food banks, senior nutrition programs and senior day care. AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers provide service to: housing of families; tutoring and mentoring- elementary school students, Head Start youth, and young adults; provide transportation to seniors for medical appointments and help with light chores in the home. Volunteers also connect veterans and their families to much needed services.


Interested in becoming a community partner/volunteer site?
Monday-Thursday (9:30-5:30) contact:
RSVP Program Manager- Jane Covella
(360) 477-2574

Interested in volunteering?
Monday-Thursday (9:15-2:15) contact:
RSVP Volunteer Coordinator- Becky Acevedo
(360) 460-2458

Join RSVP today and you will…

  • Share your experiences and skills
  • Learn something new every day
  • Make a significant difference in the lives of individuals or families in your community
  • Qualify for free excess liability and accident insurance coverage for your volunteer travel and service
  • Join other RSVP members nationwide to create a powerful voice for the issues and concerns important to you
  • Create a legacy of success

Get Involved!

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