Employment and Training Services

FCS Supportive Employment

In partnership with Foundational Community Supports and Wellpoint, OlyCAP’s Supportive Employment program assists individuals facing unique challenges find and maintain employment.  The program offers personalized job development, educational resource navigation, and career counseling. Our program aims to steer participants towards meaningful work that aligns with their skills, abilities and goals. 

Eligible individuals are:

1) Actively enrolled in Medicaid (Apple Health/Provider One)

2) Have a medically documented health need. Includes physical disabilities, mental health struggles, or a history of substance abuse. 

UPDATE: Washington State Health Care Authority has announced a pause for new FCS Supportive Employment enrollments. There is currently no projected date for these services to resume. Please click the button below if you would like to be added to our wait list.


“My job is AMAZING!! I cannot thank you enough for setting up this opportunity for me.  I didn’t think in a million years that a place like my employer would give me the time of day.  They have been so good to me.  I’m learning so much and love the people I work with and the clients.  It feels really good to feel like I’m doing something for a worthwhile cause!” – Program Participant


-Program Participant