Employment and Training Services

OlyCAP offers a variety of Employment Programs and support for Job Seekers.  For any of the following employment programs call 360-452-4726 for more information.

Supported Employment

In partnership with Foundational Community Support and Amerigroup, OlyCAP’s Supported Employment program has current openings for new job seekers.  The program offers personalized job development with the goal of helping job seekers find a job that aligns with their skills, abilities and goals.  Eligible individuals must be a Medicaid recipient (Apple Health/Provider One), have a history of disability (physical/mental), or have a history of substance abuse.  A brief 5 minute application can determine an applicant’s eligibility.  


In partnership with Washington State Department of Commerce and Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) WorkFirst is an employment program for those receiving TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families).  OlyCAP receives referrals from DSHS to participate in either paid or unpaid employment experience.  Employment Specialists help connect participants with non-profit, tribal or public worksites to gain work experience, build their skills and gain a work reference.  Job seekers may also participate in Job Search, Job Training and Life Skills activities.  If you are interested in the WorkFIrst program you can contact your DSHS worker or OlyCAP for more information.

AmeriCorps Senior

In partnership with the Corporation for National and Community Service and Washington State Department of Commerce, AmeriCorps Senior is a national service program. AmeriCorps Seniors supports and encourages volunteerism for people 55 and over in Jefferson and Clallam Counties.  Click to find out more about AmeriCorps Seniors.

West End Job Lift

In partnership with Washington State Department of Transportation, West End Job Lift is based in the Forks area and provides 3 work van ride share routes on the west end to support low income workers.

  •  Scheduled routes are negotiated among riders and provided at NO CHARGE .
  • School/Daycare drop-offs can be included if needed.
  • Volunteer Drivers are recruited from those on the van route and are provided training by Clallam Transit.
  • Vans are insured and maintained by OlyCAP.
  • A brief application to determine eligibility is required.
  • Click to review OlyCAP WEJL ADA Policy and Grievance Policy Procedure 

  “My job is AMAZING!! I cannot thank you enough for setting up this opportunity for me.  I didn’t think in a million yeas a place like my employer would give me the time of day.  They have been so good to me.  I’m learning so much and love the people I work with and the clients.  It feels really good to feel like I’m doing something for a worthwhile cause!” 


WorkFirst Participant