Low-Income Home Repair Loan Program

What is OlyCAP’s Home Repair Loan Program (HRLP)?

HRLP is a deferred loan program designed to give low-income homeowners in Clallam and Jefferson County the resources they need to perform critical home repairs. HRLP works best alongside OlyCAP’s Weatherization Assistance Program: since OlyCAP is unable to perform weatherization work on homes in need of major repairs, HRLP will help repair your home as well as help qualify your home for free weatherization services such as insulation, draft sealing,  home heating, and other energy efficiency upgrades.

Even if you don’t need weatherization, HRLP may be able to help with your home repair and maintenance needs.

What’s a deferred loan?

A deferred loan requires no payments to be made until the home is sold, the title is transferred, or the home is no longer owner-occupied. If any of these things happen, repayment is trigged, and the loan must be repaid in full. However, you are free to make payments on the loan at any time, and there are no penalties for early repayment.

What are the loan requirements?

  • Home must be owner-occupied in either Clallam or Jefferson County.
  • Home must be a site-built or manufactured home (no RVs or boats).
  • Occupant must own both the home and the land that the home sits on.
  • Household must meet income eligibility guidelines at the time of the loan.
  • Property taxes on home must be current.
  • Owner must have equity in the home (you must currently owe less on the mortgage than the assessed value).

How Do I Apply?

Since HRLP works in partnership with Weatherization, it is best to apply directly to  OlyCAP’s Weatherization Assistance Program. Once you have been qualified for free weatherization assistance, we will schedule a home visit to assess the home. If your home does need additional repairs that are beyond the scope of the weatherization program, we will walk you through the loan process.

For more information, please download the HRLP Fact Sheet below: